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A new prototype for the web is being developed called BEESWAX5.


BEESWAX5 is a software program which allocates beehives in a pattern determined by research to improve pollination of arable crops. It is being developed for a very large Essex farmer.


Based on the mathematical programming of its predecessor, BEESWAX3, the new application will output locations and hive numbers.


BEESWAX5  is scheduled to be ready for use in Essex by Spring 2016.


How doth the little busy bee

Improve each shining hour,

And gather honey all the day

From every shining flower!


--- Isaac Watts

 Welcome to BEESWAX.

Project BEESWAX is a collaboration between Andrew J Lewis MSc FLS as Simul Systems Ltd, Chelmsford, Essex, and The Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Essex, funded by an Innovation Voucher from the Technology Strategy Board.



The man behind the maths and our first prototype, BEESWAX I, is Dr Abdel Salhi, the Head of Department. email:


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BEESWAX IV, is a website which uses Bing map technology and mathematics to determine the location of beehives to assist in pollination. It works on a four-sided polygon selected by the user. The website can be accessed at:

This new system is free-to-use, and is designed as "Encouraging" software to encourage the placement of beehives intra-orchard to improve pollination. It  uses a simple pattern which has proved serviceable by beekeepers in-situ.

Testing and Validation


Field trials have been conducted on a farm in Kent, England. With the help of the farmer and beekeeper, and assistance from the Bee Farmers Association, we have placed beehives in an orchard according to our methods and pragmatic solutions, which the new system BEESWAX IV addresses.


We believe this is an urgently-needed work-in-progress which can have commercial and possibly conservation benefits - a win-win project!


This project was supported by an Innovation Voucher grant from the Technology Strategy Board.


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